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Renewable energy power plants

Renewable energy power plants, Such as solar and wind, are dynamic power generation units. The energy being fed into the grid varies with the changing environmental conditions like irradiation and wind speed respectively. These changing dynamics puts special requirements on the grid stability and load management.


The efficient synchronization for Power plant with the grid requires specific range of various generated power parameters like, voltage and frequency. The variation in the voltage above the desied values in either direction decide the direction of the power flow and can result in the conditions where the plant can start acting a load instead a source of the energy. The deviation in the frequency of the fed power above the allowed range can destabilise the grid and are of the main reason of the transmission losses. These vital parameters along with the active and reactive power ration also play an important role in the grid efficiency. The grid codes issued by the Government of India take care of this issue in detail.


Rapid growth in the renewable sector has put immense pressure on the grid, APDARP and Smart Grid initiative need to play a major role for the critical nature of the application has also resulted in high demands on the automation system being used for this purpose. To ensure that the above conditions are met, the state load dispatch centers (SLDC) of various grid zones have started demanding that the power quantity along with quality information from these renewable energy plants be integrated to SLDC. The same is also a requirement for the Smart Grid initiative and hence is the need of the hour.


Phoenix Contact, being a major player in the field of renewable energy, has developed a flexible and scalable solution for this application. The same cannot only be integrated but also can be installed in the existing plants. The system is independent type of power plant that can is used the same in solar, wind, hydro, biogas, co-generation, and conventional power generation units.


Online Measurement

The solution consists of a data logger unit with interfaces for multifunction meters, direct connections for grid and generated power, transformer data and the switchgear status signals. The system is also modular in nature so that any future expansion can be taken into account without having a replacement/addition unit to be installed.


The direct connection of the Grid and Generated Power is done to a Power Monitoring Module.


The solution offers the customer to Monitor and Log the required data locally with the help of the integrated IT functionalities. With the integrated Web server the system can be viewed and parameterized from within its connected LAN. No specialized software is required for the same as the HTTP protocol can work with any Java-enabled browser. The data logging can be done either on board or on any PC via the FTP server functionality.


This also makes it easier for the plant IT department to integrate the same with the ERP system by using the .csv file generated by the FTP. The system can also communicate via OPC Server and can be seamlessly integrated with the Plant SCADA. In addition to the above the optional SQL functionality makes it convenient for the user to have the data in its database in real time.


The communication required with the State Load Dispatch Centre (SLDC) is required on IEC 60870-5-104 remote communication protocols. As the renewable power generation units are generally located at remote locations, the data connectivity is always an issue. Phoenix Contact offers the remote communication system with the data logging units using the ISDN/2G/3G/PSTN/Fibre Optics/Permanent line communication options.


The data logger unit communicates with the SLDC using any one of the above media using the Resy + remote communication software specially designed for IEC 60870-5-104 protocol. The security issues in the data transmission can be taken care by using the above communication systems with integrated or external hardware firewall devices. The routers using the ISDN/2G/3G with integrated firewall can also create a VPN communication with the SLDC data centre and hence the communication over the Internet is safe.


Phoenix Contact is a one stop shop for Power Monitoring, Analysis and SLDC connectivity requirements. With in-house production for the entire components starting from the CT, VT, power monitoring module and devices, data logger, remote communication software, modems, firewall and the related LV panel accessories a consolidated solution package is at the disposal of the customer. The turnkey solution for measurement and control technology provides an intelligent local network station for power plants.

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