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IMTC Jupiter offers a wide range of Pillar Power Presses. These are mechanical pillar power presses designed and manufactured in cast iron or steel body. Salient features: capacity ranging from 25 tonnes to 300 tonnes; hydraulic hand and motorised press capacity ranging from 5 tonne to 250 tonne; open throat and straightening hydraulic presses; double action deep drawing presses (die-cushion hydraulic and mechanical); compression moulding hydraulic presses (down stroke); hand presses; and toggle presses. IMTC


Nova-Tech Filter Pvt. Ltd., an ISO 9001-2008 certified company, is engaged in designing and manufacturing various sizes of Bucket type Strainers with different designs and customised to suit specific customers’ requirements. Brief description: materials of construction – CS, CI, MS, SS304, SS316 with other alloys on request; mesh size – 2 microns to 500 microns; and sizes – ½” to 26”. Nova-Tech Filter Pvt Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of industrial


WE Components India Private Limited offers the expanded and improved Stackpole MG Series thru hole metal glaze High Voltage Resistors. The value range for all sizes has been expanded to include values from 1 K ohm up to 1 G ohm. In addition, working voltages have been improved and now range from 1.6 kV for the ¼ watt size to 7 kV for the 2 W and mini 3 W sizes. Metal glaze technology provides


Aartech Solonics Limited offers a Load Checker, which blocks the mains supply to the load if excessive current is drawn through it. However, in the event of blocking, its patented self-reset feature normalises the supply to the load, once the load is disconnected for a minimum time. The entire operation does not require any manual effort or attention. The product uses soft blocking technology, thus ensuring very long life. The load checker normally permits up


Festo has launched a Twin Piston Semi-Rotary Drive DRRD for powerful, precise and economical positioning. The DRRD offers extremely precise positioning in the end positions, including with long lever arms. The twin piston semi-rotary drive DRRD facilitates extremely precise positioning in the end positions, including with long lever arms. Other features are its high load capacity at torques from 1.6 to 24.1 Nm and the high maximum mass moment of inertia of up to 67,000


Electro Power Engineering, an ISO 9001: 2008 certified company, offers an excellent quality range of Thruster Brakes. The thruster muzzle brakes are manufactured from high-grade quality raw materials. These can be customized as per our customers’ specifications. These disc brakes are widely known for their durability and quality. The company executes all business operations in a streamlined manner, undertaking every possible measure to ensure that only defect-free products are offered to the buyers. Electro Power


Kepro Tools & Equipments Pvt. Ltd. offers an Electric Hoist, Wire Rope Type. It also operates the limit switches provided as a safety features to limit the over hoisting and over lowering of the hook. The guide is so designed to ensure proper tensioning of the rope; brake, motors, gearbox and control panel are independent units and are accessible easily. The complete hoist can be easily maintained by keeping it in its installed position, thus


Agromach Spares offers Engine Valves. These Engine valves are used for various applications like MAN Cummins, Caterpillar Komatsu, Perkins, Jhon Deere and MF tractors. Agromach Spares is established in 1971, has emerged as one of the leading organizations working as manufacturer’s representative in quality automotive spare parts, engine valves, automotive bushes, engine bearing sets, automotive cylinder liner, automotive pistons, automotive piston rings, automotive valves, automotive directional control, automotive oil pump, automotive turbo chargers, tractor engine


Trident Tools Ltd., a manufacturer of complete range of ‘saws’, offers the best quality of Hacksaw Frames, Model Magicut Junior. Unlike the common frames available in the market, Model JBH002 is made using superior quality of rod having diameter 6.35 mm with dowel pins, which allows greater strength and durability. In addition to this, the overall length is also more so that the hand grip could be better. The frames are also duly powder coated


RK Engineering Company offers Cylindrical, Taper and Grooved Pins. Cylindrical (dowel) pins are used for retaining parts in a fixed position or for preserving their alignment. Cylindrical hardened pins are manufactured as per IS: 6689, unhardened pins as per IS: 2393 and taper, pins as per IS: 6698 standards. These are suitable for parts that have to be taken apart frequently, in which case cylindrical pins would tend to wear the holes. Grooved pins have


GeoSensors emerged under the umbrella of M/s Integrated Geo Instruments & Services (P) Ltd, as an independent firm in the year 2008 for manufacturing selected geophysical instruments like resistivity meters and water level indicators. Within a span of 4 years, the company manufactured and supplied more than 1000 such instruments to cater to the needs of both government and private sectors within India and exported to Afro-Asian countries like Nepal, Sudan, Nigeria, Kenya, etc. GeoSensors


Indian Toxic Treatment offers a Submerged Arc Furnace. This is a world class product meant for completely sucking the fumes and suitable for open roofs. These are high performing industrial furnaces designed in accordance with the clients’ specifications and requirements. Features: customisation and availability in 7.5 and 9 MVA range. The company offers a comprehensive range of pollution control measures to various industries. This includes guidance and accurate studies for air, water and other fields.


Bharath Paper Conversions, an ISO 9001: 2008 company, offers high quality, eco-friendly 100% recyclable paper Edge Protectors for the ultimate protection in packaging. The edge protectors are made of multiple layers of laminated Kraft boards that are glued, treated and formed into angular edge protectors. The edge protectors find customised applications in paper, foil, film, textile, refractory, ceramic packaging industries etc. The wrap-around edge protectors are very ideal for protection of edges of newsprint and


Himanshu Industries offers Connecting Rods for Compressors. These connecting rods are available in materials of construction like aluminum, leaded bronze, SG iron and forgings. All connecting rods are machined on both the sides. Centre distance between big end and small end is maintained for perfect straightness and perfect boring of big end and small end. Big end and small end of connecting rods are perfectly bored so as to match original clearances with steel bush


Accumax India offers a range of Water Bath Stirrers made in double walled construction with outer chamber featuring use of mild steel as well as in powder coated finish and inner bath chamber with lid made using stainless steel. These bath stirrers also come with insertion of mineral wool between walls that help in avoiding thermal losses. These can also deliver superior temperature controls within accuracy of ±0.5°C using microprocessor based digital temperature controller and


Microtech Machines offers a tooled up, double ended Face Milling and Centering Machine. This is assembled on rugged box type fabricated design with integrated main guide way to ensure high rigidity, ground and scraped to maintain the accuracy of centering at both ends on same axis. The machine has two vice slides clamped on main guide way which can be taken near to the milling head as required. The work piece is clamped in self-centring


Jupiter Electronics offers a handheld Humidity and Temperature Meter, HygroPalm Series. HygroPalm represents a new generation of portable humidity/temperature instruments, utilising the very latest digital technology. The advantage of digital technology is clear, highest precision is assured as a result of digital signal processing and data transmission in a digital format, which means that signal loss over extended cable lengths and external interference cannot influence measured values. Calibration data is maintained within the probe itself,


Rotolinear systems offer Metal Bellow Couplings of kbk (germany). The company based in Bangalore, India aims to provide right Products & solutions to Major CNC Machine tools builders, SPM Builders & Machinery builders. The company also offers Precision Lock Nuts, Bearing Reducer, Spinea, Locknuts (Precision), High Precision Reducer, Ground Ballscrews, LH-RH Combination, etc. Features: Single & Doublenut Internal Circulation Type: Having 20 years of specific experience in Metal bellow couplings; Backlash-free, high torsional stiffness; Bellow


Eastern Copper Manufacturing Co Pvt Ltd offers Contact Clamp made of forged electrolytic copper. In a genuine forging process, a square ingot/billet of electrolytic grade copper is hammered to approximate thickness before being machined to final shape. Sufficient cooling is obtained through a drilled internal cooling circuit. This is a top quality line of contact clamps. Excellent performance in all respects: outstanding electric conductivity, outstanding thermal conductivity and a mechanical strength and hardness several times


VEGA India Level and Pressure Measurement Pvt Ltd offers a Level Sensor with capacitive rod electrode for continuous level measurement. Vegacal 62 is a level sensor for continuous level measurement in all areas of industry. Partly insulated probes such as Vegacal 62 are preferably used in bulk solids. However, the probe can also be used in non-conductive liquids such as, e.g., oil. Application areas: the Vegacal 62 is a level sensor for continuous level measurement


Rollon bearing is the manufacturer & supplier of castfil ptfe putty / brushable. It is a two-part epoxy based cold weld metal repair compound suitable for maximum temperatures up to 120°c. Castfil is a self-lubricating compound possessing high mechanical strength. It bonds strongly to most metals / plastics and offers long life protection against wear, abrasion & corrosion. Castfil ptfe putty / brushable finds extensive usage in · Prevention of leakage in gas / liquid


Pitroda Utility Industries offers 600 mm Hydraulic Cylindrical Grin-der, Model PUI-600. This heavy duty cylin-drical grinder is meant for precision grind-ing and tool room applications. The one-piece machine body is made from close grain casting maximum rigid to prevent vibration. Maximum grinding length is 600 mm, and centre height 150 mm. The table is flat on one side and v-groove on other side, with a zigzag type oil groove for oil and precision hand scraped


The “Vaculift” range of lifting and transporting systems are custom-designed and are suitable for handling sheet metals, plates, laminates, glass, granite, barrels, cartons, drums, etc. The equipment in-corporates vacuum generators with safety devices, drive units, buffer reservoir, valves, electrical switchgear and other accessories, all supported on a structural frame. Specially design rubber pads holds the work piece. Vaculift makes material handling safe, easy, fast, labour saving with no damage to wotk-piece. Vaculift improves overall plant


Guindy Machine Tools Limited offers Cast Iron Sur-face Plates. These plates are of close-grained cast iron. They are amply ribbed to minimise deflection under load. The composition of the metal, the depth and cross-section of the ribs and the thickness of the plate are designed to conform to the deflection limits specified in IS-2285-2003. Surface plates are manufactured to three grades namely Grade-0, Grade-I and Grade- II, as per the standard stated above. Grade-0 and


Malik Engineers manufactures MESS(BF) Series Single Screw Extruder for producing EPE foam products from low density polyethylene plastic material. The products produced from this machine include low-density foam packaging sheet, foam tube, rod, profile and also netting. These products are widely used in packaging of fragile and delicate items, cold insulation, etc. Foam rods are used as expansion joints in building and road construction. The extrusion process utilizes a single screw extruder fitted with precision

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